Receive a rapid diagnosis (right to a quick examination)

As a patient, you are entitled to a medical examination and a diagnosis within 30 days, if this is professionally possible.

If a hospital in the Central Denmark Region or one of the private hospitals with which the Central Denmark Region works, cannot give you a medical examination and a diagnosis within 30 days, you are free to choose a private hospital (extended free choice of hospital).

If a diagnosis is not possible within a month, the hospital must present you with a plan.

Before you can choose a private hospital, the waiting time for the examination must not exceed the waiting time at the Central Denmark Region’s hospitals or the private hospitals with which we work.

The region in which you live is responsible for examining your condition quickly. Therefore, if you choose to attend a hospital in another region, you cannot be sure that your condition will be examined within 30 days.

Patient Counselor Office for the Central Denmark Region

Fill in the form at if you need advice and guidance on your rights as a patient and the rules on waiting times in the cancer area. Select "maximum waiting times" and mark that you would like to be contacted by a patient advisor.

If you cannot fill in the form, you may call +45 7841 0444 for help. Weekdays from 9.00-13.00.

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